Welcome to DM's Black Cats

Our catalog features the black cat art of DM Laughlin and collages of MC Munro

DM Laughlin paints cats. Primitive cats. Folk art cats. Usually black cats doing ordinary things in extraordinary places. Self-taught, DM claims Missy, his 17-year-old cat, gives him inspiration and doesn't care whether or not he has art training.

Living on Canada's east coast, there is a variety of landscapes to inspire. Bays, coves and farms. Red maple leaves, yellow poplars and large misty skies are all found in the paintings that follow.

These whimsical felines often find themselves further afield. Don't be surprised to see them under a Tuscan sky, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or riding the Bronx Express in New York. 

Enjoy our gallery! 

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 updated July 18 2018