Small-format Art
These are small watercolor paintings of black cats and friens suitable for collections and wall collage
Usually watercolours these may also have acrylic highlights
4" X 6" (10 X 15cm)

SFA01. Black Cat with 2 Beavers and a Moose at Teatime near Lake Louise 4" X 6" ink and Crayola crayon. DM Laughlin, 2007. $18.00 USD


SFA02. 3 Black Cats having a Break at their Country place with Red Poppies 4" X 6" watercolor and acrylic, DM Laughlin 2008 $18.00 USD
SFA03. Lake Trout Jumping in the Rockies
4" X 6" watercolor, DM Laughlin. 2007. $18.00